Although e-commerce is a very popular concept today, there are still question marks about the concepts with subheadings. One of these concepts is undoubtedly e-export. So what is e-export?

In fact, as the name suggests, e-export is the process of combining export logic with e-commerce. In other words, it is to sell the product you produce or the services you provide abroad. During this sales process, all shopping and negotiations are done entirely on the internet. It is possible to make e-exports between a business and a person, between two businesses or between two people, as in a normal trade situation.

How to E-Export?

There are two methods that can be preferred for e-Export. The first of these is to use websites, also called marketplaces, that will allow you to sell on a global scale. This method, which is relatively easy, is generally preferred by small businesses. Another method is to set up an e-export site for your business. You can set up an e-export site of your own by purchasing the services of institutions that will help you in this regard.

When it comes to e-export, micro-exports generally come to mind. Micro export is a type of e-export made with the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration (ETGB) issued by the government. There are some limits set by the state in micro-exports. In the trade you make according to these limits;

The amount of sales you make without including VAT should not exceed 7,500 euros,

If your products have a weight, it should not exceed 150 kilograms.

If you exceed these values, you will be subject to a normal customs declaration. The difference here is that the Electronic Commerce Customs declaration is free. That's why many e-export sites do their business in the form of micro-exports.

What are the Advantages of E-Export?

E-Export has recently become a highly preferred type of trade with the incentives of the government. The reason why it is so preferred and supported by the government can be seen in the advantages gained with e-export. We can list some of the advantages of e-Export as follows:

-The investment cost is extremely low compared to traditional exports.

-There is a chance to get VAT refund and tax exemption.

-Since the payments will be in foreign currency, the profit to be received is higher.

-Banks provide exporter loans to e-exporters.

-Sales can be made to both producers and consumers.

It is the trade branch that is least affected by economic fluctuations.

However, as a disadvantage brought by all these advantages, you will have many competitors in the market you will enter. In order to get ahead of your competitors, the first thing you need to do is to have a professional e-export site where you will introduce yourself and showcase your products. Our company has special designs different from the same e-commerce sites and tries to reflect your business in the best way. You can browse our sitemap to be informed about our services and their contents.

What are the Documents Required for E-Export?

E-Export also provides advantages to business owners in terms of required documents. As you may have understood in the section above on how e-commerce is done, the most necessary document for e-export is the Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration. However, this is a document that will be prepared by the carrier company that has an agreement with your business, not your business. Because the carrier companies are responsible for the follow-up and finalization works related to the customs procedures of your products. Carrier companies also request the following documents for Electronic Commerce Customs Declaration:

-Export information form,

-Indirect representation authorization certificate,

-A copy of the circular of signature of the above document,

-Turkish and English invoice copies,

-Packing list.

The Customs Directorate approves Electronic Commerce Customs declarations electronically. After this part, it is transferred to the Tax Offices Automation Project and the carrier companies send your documents to you by e-mail after completing the legal process.