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Marketplace Integrations

Marketplace Integrations

You have an e-commerce site and if you want to advance in online sales, you need to use the marketplaces. This is necessary and indispensable to increase your sales. For this, you have to register your company on the marketplaces and open your shop. However, following each marketplace from a separate screen is both difficult and time-consuming. For this, marketplace integrations are a life-saving service.

Smart Product Catalogue
Smart Product Catalogue
It is possible to create a smart product catalog. In other words, you can match your categories on your e-commerce site with your categories on the marketplace. Thus, you have a single product source.
Order Management
Order Management
An order returned in the integrated marketplace will also automatically land on your e-commerce site. This also applies to order cancellations. Thus, you will be able to track returns and cancellations bidirectionally.
Your orders from all the marketplaces you work with are collected in your E-Commerce Shop panel. Information such as e-invoices that you have prepared for these orders are also automatically reflected on the marketplaces.
Easy Stock Tracking
Easy Stock Tracking
Your stock status goes on par with the marketplaces you work with. Thus, you will not have difficulties in stocktaking. You can manage all your marketplace stocks from your site panel.
Mass Product Update
Mass Product Update
When you want to change or update product prices, instead of entering each marketplace one by one, you gain the convenience of doing this from a single panel.

Which Marketplace Platforms
Are we integrated with?

E-Commerce With many popular marketplace platforms of your e-commerce site as a shop We make it integrated. The marketplace where we carry out integrated studies platforms include

Easy Management

You can easily manage all your marketplace stores on your pc and mobile devices.


With the update feature, you can update the content, price and stock of the products with a single click whenever you want.

Quick Listing

From your panel, you can quickly arrange your products with their options and features and send these products to the market places.

Double-Sided Product Transfer

Thanks to the double-sided product transfer, you can also publish your products on aliexpress and etsy directly on your own site.

Messaging System

You can reply to messages sent to your Aliexpress and Etsy stores through your panel.

Automatic Order Transfer

Our integrations transfer your orders in the marketplaces to the admin order section of your e-commerce site and you can do all the controls from there.

E-Commerce Site Marketplace Integration

After signing up for an e-commerce discount marketplace, it can be difficult to keep track of a bunch of panels individually. The solution we will offer you for this is simple. E-Commerce Shop makes your size e-commerce site 100% integrated with all marketplace platforms. You can find the controllable indicators in the entire market in a single panel. It provides both you and you a profit from the effort. The single panel you will use for all marketplaces offers the practicality of single-sold marketplaces for products where products are displayed. All orders from all marketplaces and e-commerce sites are also located and met on a single panel. You too can start planning your commerce site and marketplaces more than a single screen with E-Commerce Shop now. E-Commerce sites are generally air-conditioned. Because we have training service on panel usage. Your use of the panel is to reach the customer who provides 24/7 service for all your problems and whatever you can think of. We are always with you in the e-commerce process with experts in the field.

Benefits of Marketplace Integration

We have said before that you can enjoy your marketplaces from a single screen with the integration process. But to give you more information on their contents. With the marketplace, they can be sorted according to the schedule: All these benefits are a purpose overlooked marketplace countries have helped a lot in their business. Reviewing the complexities that may arise in marketplace business tracking.

Does Marketplace Integration Increase Sales?

Reach twice as many potential customers as on the agenda for products sold for marketplace use. Because a marketplace has its own fixed customer in his house. Apart from this, there is also a mass of shoppers on every platform. The more you enter the marketplace using integration software, the more your customer potential will increase. The increase in advertisements at this rate is also high. Apart from this, the customer satisfaction will also increase, as your order processes will speed up your work from a single panel. This means that you prefer to increase in the number of your customers and sales.

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