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More than 50 ready-made e-commerce packages, of which we add a new one to the system every day, add our packages specially prepared for almost all sectors in our country, such as the clothing sector, real estate sector, food sector and automotive sector, to suit your customers' use and to increase your product sales by adding the requirements of the sectors. we designed.

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We Offer Hundreds of Free Features.

Prepared by the E-Commerce Shop; We promise excellent experiences to your website visitors with 100s of free features we offer for our brands in ready-made packages and special e-commerce designs. We offer fast and easy sales with virtual payment systems, from product entries to sales analysis, cargo and accounting integrations, with many features prepared not only for visitors but also for website administrators. All of our e-commerce packages are compatible with mobile devices and are 100% optimized with search engines such as google, yandex and baidu. With the video content prepared by our trainers, you can learn many tricks that will increase your sales in e-commerce by watching them for free.

What Will You Get
With E-Commerce Shop?

  • You Will Own a Server, Not Hosting.
  • Get 100 USD Profit with Free SSL / TLS Support.
  • Increase your security with Layer7 Protection.
  • Sell All Over the World with Multi-Language Option.
  • Make Fast Product Editing with the Admin Panel.
  • Control Your Orders From A Single Panel
  • Special Campaigns From Our Business Partners For You
  • Easy-to-Use Admin Panel
  • Installation in 30 Minutes
  • Marketplace Integrations
  • Virtual Pos of All Banks
  • Cargo Integrations for All Cargoes
  • Overseas Sales Support and Multi-Language Options
  • Advertising Tools and Instagram Shop

With Our Marketplace Integrations
Live a Unique Experience

We have prepared marketplace integrations that will make it easier for you to do e-commerce and e-export in marketplaces in Turkey and abroad. In the growing e-commerce market, brands want to increase both their brand awareness and sales by being present in marketplaces with a larger audience apart from their own e-commerce sites. With the integrations suitable for all marketplaces such as trendyol marketplace integration, n11 marketplace integration, aliexpress marketplace integration prepared by the e-commerce shop, you can display the products on your e-commerce site in all marketplaces in just 1 minute and increase your sales.

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With the development of the E-Commerce sector and Social Media applications, many new add-ons are being developed in order to increase the sales of the brands. It is now very easy to sell through many social media sites such as Facebook Market, Insta Shop, Google Merchant, Whatsapp Shop. With our Social Media Plugins, you can start selling by integrating your products with your social media accounts within minutes. Push the limits in the e-commerce world with Quick and Easy setup.

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As E-Commerce Shop, we are constantly organizing new campaigns for every brand to take its place in the digital world. Many companies that we partner with support these campaigns and we are working to make you more profitable in many areas from Discounted cargo to Discounted virtual pos commissions. Do not miss the updated campaigns and discounts.

E-Commerce Shop

The e-commerce shop, which offers the most comprehensive services in the field of e-commerce, consists of expert teams. Our goal is to reach all e-commerce people and present the best works. In this way, we prepare and present the best website to all our customers. All the services of your website created with the e-commerce shop are completed in full and a clean website is delivered to you. If you want to reach a ready-made e-commerce website, you can contact us immediately. For this, it will be enough to sign up as a member from the top right section or contact us from the contact section. Our site is actively serving seven twenty-four. You can contact us at any time without worry. Those who want to do e-commerce need to follow many details and have a good website. The website is the best visual that creates the identity of the company. Some websites do not trust and cause customers to leave the site. The reason for this is that the pages open late, there are problems in payment, the products sought cannot be found easily, and the site does not have an active blog page. Apart from this, there may be different problems experienced. Such problems can harm your corporate identity. In order for your customers to actively work with you, you need to offer them ease of use. Our team conducts speed tests so that your site can be opened easily. Temporary between pages should be less than 3 seconds. Otherwise, customers will leave your site. You can leave all the necessary work for this to our team. Opening the site late will also reduce the trust of customers in you. The e-commerce shop is very sensitive about the rapid opening of the site. Your social media accounts must be visible and integrated within your e-commerce site. In addition, it should be included in a blog page. For this, all integrated work is done by us. Actively serving your blog every day will also increase your customers' trust in you. On this page, you can talk about the services you provide to your customers, the shipping process of your products, and detailed information about e-commerce. This page will symbolize that you take care of your site every day. Integrating your site with social media will allow you to reach more customers. Because many users log into their social media accounts every day. Of course, you will need to be active in the social media environment and do advertising activities. The fact that there are payment options on the site and fast payment is also an extremely important detail for your customers. When making the payment, the option of paying with a credit card must be included. Because many customers choose to buy their products in installments. It should also be ensured that the payment process is made securely. All these transactions are provided by us as an e-commerce shop. For easy use of your site, buttons such as add to cart and pay must be visible. It is extremely important for ease of use that these buttons are located in different colors and generally on the right side of the site. Colors suitable for you will be chosen by following the color theme of your site. Our team, which has a great experience in this regard, will help you in the most professional way. Site theme and color options are also important for your site. Sites with complex colors cause customers not to find what they are looking for and cause eye strain. Therefore, your customers may leave your site. In order to avoid such situations, the background color should generally be chosen plain. You can contact us for a theme consisting of plain colors or suitable for your own style. You can choose the one that suits you from the prepared themes or create your own style. The process from the shipping of the product to the delivery to the customer must be followed on the site. In this way, customers can follow their products and ask their questions where necessary. For this, cargo integration is done by us. In this way, your customers will trust you more. You can also create a live support section on your site so that your customers can easily ask you their questions. For this, a live support section can be added to the top right or bottom of your site. Here, customers can easily ask their questions. For all we have told and more, it will be enough to contact us. Our team, which has been providing the best services in this sense for years, will help you. You can get your turnkey ready website right away and start your business.

E-Commerce Packages

Companies that want to work on e-commerce must have a good website. There are wonderfully prepared e-commerce packages for this. You can quickly look after your business by having one of our ready-made websites. If you're wondering how to own this website, let's talk about what you can do together. First of all, you need to determine what kind of purchase and sale you will make and make a site plan accordingly. If you transfer your products to us, our team will gladly create the appropriate website design for you. You can either take advantage of our ready-made themes or have a theme made for you. Themes suitable for every product you want are made. For this, it will be sufficient to contact us and convey what you want. E-commerce packages are shown in detail in our products section of our site. From here, you can quickly join our services by choosing the package that suits you. Packages and services suitable for every pocket are available on our website. You can carefully look at what's in our packages and get what you want. If you do not understand, you can contact us directly. Our live support section provides active service. E-commerce packages are in various price ranges and various services are provided. Therefore, you need to carefully monitor which services are provided. You can contact us for package details. You can buy our packages right away by reading what is written before contacting us. When there is a problem, our team intervenes immediately. Having a good website is an extremely important detail for eliminating competitors in e-commerce. That's why you need to keep your interest in your website constantly active and take care of important steps. E-commerce packages are there to reduce the pressure on you in this regard. The shortest way to have a ready-made website, away from your worries and with peace of mind, is to get a ready-made website. This will both give you speed and help you eliminate your opponents faster. There are millions of companies and firms entering the e-commerce business. Many of them are eliminated and forced to quit their job. Because e-commerce requires close monitoring. Therefore, any article or news about e-commerce should be followed. Social media and website should also serve actively. These give customers confidence and help them stay on your site longer. Your website layout will help customers stay longer. We offer you a great work directly for website layout, social media integration, cargo integration. You can start e-commerce one step ahead with a ready-made website. Having your blog page on your site will show how active you are and what you do. Blog page is one of the most important steps of e-commerce. That's why we create a blog page for your website. On this page, you should mention the work you do at regular intervals. Regular posts bring regular customers. It is necessary to do everything in order not to lose your customers. Because losing a customer means losing others. Your customers are in contact with each other and they transfer the experiences to each other. In adverse cases, you will need to contact your customers directly. In this way, you can turn the crisis into an opportunity. The live support section of your site or sections such as asking questions and complaints should definitely be included. In this way, you can immediately be aware of negative criticisms and take action. Live broadcasts on social media will also help you gain the trust of your customers. Here you can show your products and talk about the shipping process. You can increase your audience with various advertising activities. Therefore, it is necessary to create your social media accounts regularly. By integrating your social media accounts into your website, we help your customers find your social media accounts easily. You can see many other services such as advanced content management, cargo management, integrations with various e-commerce sites within our packages. We make a rapid contribution to the development of our customers by being with them at every moment from start to finish. If you want to have a good website, if you want to be known as a good brand, you can contact us. With a good start, you can become a well-known brand in a short time. We undertake most of what you need to do for this. It's up to you to run your site without worry. For all these and more, you can reach our expert team and learn from them instantly what you wonder.

Affordable E-Commerce Packages

For those who want to enter e-commerce for the first time or those who want to take themselves to the next level, the most affordable e-commerce packages are available on our site. We get rid of many processes and deliver a ready-made website setup to you. For this, you can review our e-commerce packages suitable for you. Our e-commerce packages include all of the services we provide. From here, you can choose the necessary ones for yourself and determine the appropriate package yourself. We have e-commerce packages suitable for every pocket. Thanks to these packages, you can quickly eliminate your opponents in a short way. For affordable e-commerce packages, it will be enough to visit our products section of our site. The most important step for rapid growth in e-commerce is to have a good website. For this, we take care of all the necessary steps and deliver an established website to you. By processing this website, you can grow quickly by adding good content to your products and advertising. We design your site in the best way so that your customers who come to your site can stay on your site for a long time. All details such as color scheme, speed control for ease of use, ease of payment, shipping integration, which are indispensable for your website, are done in the best way by our expert and professional team. You can choose your themes and colors or choose one of our free themes. The choice is up to you. It is our job to convey the best. We increase the opening speed of your site so that your customers can navigate your site easily, so that pages can be opened easily. This means reaching more comfortable products and a more comfortable shopping. Customers can leave slow sites and turn to other sites. It is extremely important to prevent this. In order for your products to stand out, your content needs to be well created. For this, you can benefit from our expert team in content management. Content suitable for SEO makes your site stand out in a much shorter time. Your content must be entered in an original and complete manner. If you express the unique aspects of your products well, your products can be sold faster than many sites selling the same product. In order for your products to be offered to large markets, they must be integrated with e-commerce sites such as Trendyol and Morhipo. From here, you can ensure that your products are sold in a shorter time. For this, you can leave all the integrated processes to our expert team. To grow like these sites, you can team up with them or get inspired by their work. However, your content and work must be original. Stolen works can cause damage to your corporate identity. Even the font used on your website is extremely important to the layout of your site. While legible texts will provide faster shopping and convenience, overly ornate texts will reduce the ease of use of your site. For this, the most suitable writing styles are selected by us and presented to you. Along with the font, its color should match the color of your site. For this, the most suitable theme colors will be transferred to you. If you want to use your own logo colors, we will act accordingly. You just need to submit your requests. You can also shape your site by getting different ideas from us. In order for us to offer you the most suitable packages, it will be sufficient to share your requests with us. You can have the most beautiful site with packages suitable for you, and you can win your customers quickly. For this, you need to follow the necessary studies by not giving up the struggle. In order for your website to be managed well, you also need to have a good staff. You can also get help from us for accounting integration. A good squad will come back to you as quick turns. Therefore, be careful when choosing your staff and keep yourself updated by providing continuous training. Staying up to date in e-commerce is extremely important. You need to stay up-to-date and get information about e-commerce immediately and improve yourself. We take the latest information and design our customers' websites accordingly. That's why you can work with us for the latest information. Our website offers seven and twenty-four most suitable packages to all citizens engaged in e-commerce. If you want the best, you can contact us and sell your products quickly. Remember that you have many competitors in e-commerce. That's why you need to be constantly active and innovate. In this way, our packages are updated accordingly. You can follow us for the most up-to-date information, the most up-to-date packages and more.

Create E-Commerce Site

Since the rates of online shopping are very high today, the title of create an e-commerce site is frequently questioned. Almost every company has decided to start selling on the internet and an e-commerce site is needed to make these sales. You should plan and present the site you need to have e-commerce in the best way. Although it may seem easy to create an e-commerce site, it contains many details. For this reason, it would be best for you to seek help from an expert. We are a company that has been working in this field for a long time. We are working to provide the best service with our expert staff. We have listed everything you need to pay attention to in our create this e-commerce site title..

Clarify the Sector You Will Do E-commerce

If you are new to the e-commerce business, you should determine which sector you want to sell in. If there is a sector you are currently in, it will be very easy for you to move this sector to e-commerce. But if you are going to start a new job, you may need a little more detail. You have to make a decision by doing industry analysis.

Determine the Products You Will Sell

After choosing the sector you have made, you must decide which products and product groups you will sell. You have to be careful with the product you choose. In particular, you need to look at the market for this product.

Build Yourself a Brand

Building a brand is very important when doing e-commerce. Selling without a brand will force you. Before creating a brand, you should determine a target audience and find a name that will appeal to this target audience. After finding a brand name that will sound good, you should have a logo made for your brand. It is also very important that the brand name and logo you use are compatible with each other. You should not change your logo, so make sure that the colors you use in the logo are plain.

Choose Infrastructure for Your Site

If you have software and design knowledge, you can create an e-commerce site for yourself. However, if you do not have much knowledge in this field, you should definitely get support from knowledgeable people, otherwise it will be a matter of time before you encounter too many deficiencies and errors on your site. Creating an e-commerce site means having very good software knowledge. It is not enough to just create the site, it is necessary to make updates and controls of the site in short periods. If you are looking for a ready-made e-commerce site, we can help you. With our expert staff, we can create the e-commerce site you want in a short time and deliver it to you.

Determine the Design of Your Site

The thing you need to pay attention to when designing e-commerce is that your site is special to you. Having a site with special details will attract the attention of your customers much more than a classic e-commerce site. You should pay attention to the harmony of colors, an easy transition between pages, and the categorization of products on your website.

Add the Products You Will Sell to Your Site

You should display all the products you own on your e-commerce site. In this site, you should group the products in the best way and photograph them in the best way. You should be very careful with these images, because in online shopping, customers cannot see or touch the products live, so you should take the best photos in the best way.

Prepare the Cargo Infrastructure

The shipping of your online sales is also very important. It is very important to regularly update your stocks and to be in regular communication with the cargo companies. Working fast with shipping companies is very important. If your customers arrive late for their products, they do not think that this is related to the cargo company, and they see this as your company's fault. For this reason, you should make a good deal with the cargo company. Otherwise, your customers may stop shopping from you. To avoid such situations, you can find a good cargo company for yourself. We are a company that creates an e-commerce site. We are moving forward with the aim of providing better service every day by improving ourselves in this field. If you want to create an e-commerce site, you can contact us and create an e-commerce site for yourself. If you have any questions about e-commerce sites, you can contact us. We are trying to provide the best service for you.

Specially Designed E-commerce Site

Today, with the progress of online shopping, almost all of the companies started to need a specially designed e-commerce site. Thanks to e-commerce sites, companies have the opportunity to promote themselves more by increasing their sales rates. Specially designed e-commerce sites draw attention from e-commerce sites that are copies of each other. There are many details that should be considered in the creation of this site. This e-commerce site you have should be easy to use, should not freeze on the site, and should have attractive visuals and texts. When these conditions are met, you will attract more customers. We are a company that makes custom design e-commerce sites. In these e-commerce sites we build, we are technically doing very well. In addition to technical knowledge, we work to make sites more attractive. The issues we pay the most attention to are:

Customer Focused Design

No matter how good internet users are, if there are problems on the site, they have problems while shopping. In order to avoid such situations, we create e-commerce sites from the perspective of customers. One of the most important issues in the e-commerce sites we have prepared is the comfortable use of these sites by our customers. For this reason, we pay great attention to various images, speed of the site, and easy transition between products on the sites we build.

A Simple Design

It is very important that the site is not complicated when creating a custom design e-commerce site. Otherwise, your site will distract customers by tiring the eyes. In this case, it is a very negative situation for the sales you will make. For these reasons, having a much simpler product-oriented e-commerce site will bring better results.


It is important that the basket part appears in every area during e-commerce. When customers look at their carts whenever they want, it makes them feel safer. Sometimes, customers may want to compare the product in their basket with another product, so it would be very practical to have the basket section open on every page.

Don't Use Distracting Images

One of the most important details to be considered in specially designed e-commerce sites is to stay away from distractions. Especially if your site contains banners and advertisements, you should keep this rate very low. Because people may click on these ads and leave your site and start shopping on another site. You should place the least amount of ads on your site so that they do not distract your customers.

Use Quality Images on Your Site

Images are very important on sales sites. The main reason for this is that customers cannot see the product live. That's why you should offer them the best, top quality images. It would be very helpful to display your products on a mannequin. Do not forget to use original photos for your products. Otherwise, seeing the photo you put on another seller will greatly damage the trust of your customers. In this case, you will both have problems in your business and lose your image.

Pay Attention to Mobile Design

With the internet coming into every part of our lives, people are now shopping on the phone. For this reason, it is very important that your e-commerce sites are compatible with mobile devices such as phones and tablets. For this reason, you should frequently check how your site works on mobile.

Product Reviews

You must allow comments and evaluations on the products you sell. Most of the customers prefer to buy products based on the reviews. For example, the decision of a person who likes and wants to buy a product may also change by looking at the comments. For this reason, you should leave the comments of your products open. In addition, the openness of comments and evaluations proves that your brand is reliable.

On-Site Search Engine

Another of the most important details in e-commerce sites is the in-site search engine as well as navigation. Thanks to these search engines, your customers can find the product they are looking for on your site much faster. For this reason, you should put a menu and search section on your site. In this way, people can easily shop. Apart from these, your products should also be well categorized. For each product group, you should have a main heading followed by subheadings. Placing the search engine at the top for your site will make it easier for customers to take action. We create specially designed e-commerce sites by paying attention to all these details. You can contact us for all this and more.
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