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Update Notes

Update Notes

Hello, We are making systematic corrections and developments on our E-Commerce Shop website for our brands, dealers and all our users within the site. You can find all update information on our update notes page.

Customer Panel Development Made

Our designers and software developers have developed a new design by prioritizing the latest design trends and user experience in the customer panels used by our brands for their customers.

Web Design Updated

We have developed a design suitable for the latest trends and published it in a way that will be convenient for you, our brands, of the E-Commerce Shop.

XML Improvements Made

Necessary improvements have been made for fast and robust solutions for product-based xml links you can give from your e-commerce sites to other sites, and xml links you can get from other sites to your e-commerce site.

Capella E-Commerce Theme Released

Our Capella E-Commerce theme has been published by our expert designers and software developers in a way that is 100% seo compatible and prioritizes design trends and user experience.

We Moved to Performance Servers

We made a business partnership agreement with Hetzner, one of the largest server companies in the world, and activated our high-performance servers in Europe, which are specially configured for SEO.

Bellatrix E-Commerce Theme Released

Textile, shoes, etc. in general, where the latest design trends and user experience are kept at the forefront. We have published a great theme, which is more compatible for our brands that sell all kinds of products, for you, our brands. Don't forget to review!

Improvements Made in Admin Panel

Improvements have been made so that our brands can easily make product entries and corrections on e-commerce sites, easily carry out cargo and delivery processes, and make necessary arrangements on their websites.

Added New System Languages

We have added a few global languages on our E-Commerce Shop website so that global brands and local foreign citizens can better understand our system. And we aim to add a new language every month.


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